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Rabu, 02 September 2009

Sweating but Hospitalizing

Sport are likely favorable, all over the world. Doing some sport regularly, you will feel healthier and better. It is up to you, whether you choose an individual sport like taking regular class at the gym, or you will find better if you are running at the jogging track. For the young people, they prefer choosing a group and game sport, such as basketball, football, or mini soccer, which is becoming popular nowadays. Go to the nearest mini soccer field in your town, pay an affordable price, and then just enjoy your time with your friends. Oh, do not forget to bring your cloth, and your sport drinks, so water inside your body can be replaced faster after sweating.

A sports drinks, which is a beverage designed to help you rehydrate, is being popular nowadays. The invention of taking the nutrient substance from a natural resources make this drink can be created. Why? Because human want to reap the maximum nutrient, without eat too much food or drink much beverage. Human make this artificial substance, and then put it in their drink. Whenever they feel exhausted after doing some sport, they drink it. The advertisement are shown about it, with the sport stars drink it and after that. Voila! They are be refreshed after dehydrated. They can do a hat trick goal, can make a 3-point, or can make a deadly smash. But, the next case is that the sport stars is not a kids or teenager. Kids and teenager are not good to drink a sport drinks.

A sport drink, have long been linked with obesity, especially for kids. Kids who like to do some sport games (basketball, mini soccer), is not an athlete. The differences are, athletes need it obviously, because they really lose their fluid body when exercising. In the other hand, kids are only feeling that they lose much of it. They only suffered exhausted. Nanny Clark, a registered dietician and sports nutritionist in Boston, said that most kids with aged less than 12 do not work hard enough to eligible the terms of drinking a sports drink. Otherwise, the sugar, which usually be added to the beverage, can put more carbohydrate, then causing more fat on your body. The sports drink using is right if kids are a real athlete, but the fact is the kids just like to play around.

The risks of tooth decay also raises when the kids are like to drink this kind of beverage. Kids prefer sweet water to a natural water. What substance will increase the possibility of decaying tooth is glucose and fructose, added by the producer in order to attract the buyer with its taste. This artificial sugar generates the bacteria in a person's mouth to change them to a lactic acid. If this acid is left inside the tooth, the tooth will suffer a demineralization (a process when a mineral arranging tooth becomes moldy). The demineralization is becoming more dangerous if the kids are rarely clean up their teeth.

The drinks also increase the risk of heart disease. This case is generated by sucrose, another type of sugar, almost similar with sucrose and fructose. The sugar, which generates every kind of drawbacks of sports drink, causes more fat inside our body. This excessive fat is no longer put inside our skin, but it is put in the inner wall of kids' blood vessels, especially the vessels toward their heart. What are going to happen next? The blood vessels will be narrower than before. Then, if it is blocked by those piles of fat, the blood flow will be stopped. When this happens, the blocked vessels cannot supply blood to the heart and brain, and then become damaged.

To concluding, the sports drinks are inappropriate to used by kids. It is unhealthy, and its sugar generates many problems in their life. Instead drinking it, use mineral water to protect your kids from those drawbacks.

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